Wine of the Month June 2012

2011 Saar Riesling trocken from Dr. Wagner for 7,40

Fall 2011: showdown time on the Saar! That’s when Jungwinzerin Christiane Wagner picked her first solo crop of grapes from the family’s vineyards in Saarburg and Ockfen and made her first solo vintage after sharing responsiblity in the cellar with her father Heinz for two years. What did she do? Well, she jumped on her tractor, drove the grapes back on home and crushed them, then filled her barrels with juice which became some of the best dry, off-dry and sweet Rieslings on the Saar! And the wonderful thing is that the excitement begins with the cheapest and least pretentious wine she produced, the 2011 Saar-Riesling trocken. Smelling of apple blossom and fresh lemon juice this dry wine has a fair amount of natural grape acid, as any good Riesling from this cool location should have, but still manages to feel silky in the mouth and as juicy as a mouthful of ripe berries. The Summer of Riesling is coming soon!

Der 2011 Saar Riesling trocken ist € 7.40 ab Hof von

Weingut Dr. Wagner

Bahnhofstraße 3

54439 Saarburg/Saar

Tel: (49) / 0 6581 2457



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