Wine of the Month August 2011

Hard to believe: this cool dry Riesling grew in vineyards overlooking the Mercedes Benz plant in Stuttgart !

2010 Riesling trocken *

Weinmanufaktur Untertürkheim

€ 8,-

Often I’m searching for new wines which offer nothing less than mind-expanding taste experiences, but I’m also always on the look out for really good wines for rather little money. Neither of these are so easy to find amongst the 2010 dry German Rieslings because of the very high acidity content of the grapes at the harvest. This had to be reduced in the cellar, by one method or the other (patience was the best way), otherwise the wines would have tasted one-sided or even been undrinkable. On the other hand a certain acidity belongs to Riesling wines and without it they taste neither animating nor fresh. The dry 2010 Riesling * from the Weinmanufaktur Untertürkheim has a self-confidently pronounced acidity, which married to the lively apple and citrus aromas makes it both juicy and refreshing. Its not a wine to philsophise about, rather to quaff. Those seeking a less tart Riesling with more complexity are strongly recomended the dry 2010 Riesling ** from the Weinmanufaktur, for just € 10,31 direct from the producer. It smells of peach, melon and mint, is rich and long in flavour. Last year the Weinmanufaktur’s 2009 Rieslings were brilliant and this year they’ve once again proven that the little-known fact that Württemberg produces some wonderful dry wines from Germany’s flagship grape.

Weinmanufaktur Untertürkheim

Strümpfelbacher Straße 47

70327 Stuttgart-Untertürkheim

Tel.: 0711 / 3 36 38



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