Berlin Riesling Diary: Day 33 – The sensational value for money Wine of the Month March 2013

2011 Riesling trocken ‘Alte Reben’ from Schneider – das Weingut

The Mittelrhein region of Germany is small and little-known, although this is the Romantic Rhine which inspired poets and painters from the early years of the 19th century. More important for wine lovers is the fact that like the Mosel it has steep vineyards with slate soil in a narrow and winding river valley; ideal conditions for growing sleek, racy and aromatic Rieslings. Lack of renown means that most Mittelrhein Rieslings are very good value for money. This one from the tiny start-up winery of 30 year old Sebastian Schneider is sensational value for money at just € 6.50 direct from the winery to private customers! It has the ripe peachy aromas, subtle spicy notes, textural richness and mineral freshness that you expect in a wine costing double or more this price. Although it doesn’t say so on the label it comes from Oberheimbach close to Bacharach where the Mittelrhein’s longest established quality producers Toni Jost and Ratzenberger are based. Sebastian Schneider began building up his own vineyard holdings in 2006 and has now amassed just 2.3 hectares, or 5.7 acres. Quantities are therefore small, which means that once word gets out about these wines they will sell out real fast. This puts me in the rare situation of imitating Wall Street and recommending you BUY!

€6.50 direct from

Sebastian Schneider – das Weingut

Markenweg 8

53557 Bad Hönningen/Mittelrhein

Tel.: (49) / (0) 2635 / 3116



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