Berlin Riesling Diary: Day 11 – Wine of the Month April

2012 Riesling trocken from K.H. Schneider for just Euro 6,40 !

Andi Schneider of the K.H. Schneider estate in Bad Sobernheim/Nahe pictured above at the ProWein trade fair in Düsseldorf a few weeks back was one of my big discoveries last year. It may not always be the case that the 2012 German Rieslings are better than the 2011s, but for Jungwinzer Andi Schneider this is undoubtedly the best vintage to date. This wine, his basic dry Riesling, is brimming with grapefruit, white and yellow peach and floral aromas. It’s ripe and juicy, yet racy and light-footed, weighing at only 11.5% alcohol. In short it’s liquid joy! With spring finally on the way in Germany my thirst for this kind of Riesling is about to increase dramatically. Many readers are no doubt enjoying spring far from still chilly Berlin where I write these lines. One problem there could be for you is that wine importers in many countries have been slow to pick up talented young German winemakers, even when they’re as hot as Andi Schneider. So if this winemaker’s Riesling are not yet available where you are, then tell your friendly local wine merchant/importer to contact Andi at the address below NOW. By the way, this really is the simplest dry Riesling Andi made in 2012. He picked all his Riesling after the first of the night of 28th-29the October and in the Nahe that turned out to be exactly the right thing to do, even though the frost knocked all the leaves off the vines, so the grapes couldn’t ripen further (which is counterintuitive). And if you think this Riesling is quite something, then just wait for the others!

2012 Riesling trocken is Euro 6,40 direct from,

Weingut K.H. Schneider

Meddersheimer Strasse 29

55566 Bad Sobernheim

Tel.: (49) / (0) 6751 / 2505




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  1. Alex. Schilling says:

    I frankly admit that Schneider’s is one of my favourite vineyards. He makes no fuss about himself, he knows what he wants to have in the bottle and works accordingly. Very courageous in times that give almost exclusively spontaneous fermentation and stuff like that a chance. The current 2012 Riesling is splendid for people who are crazy about minerals and freshness, the price is unbeatable.

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