New York Wine Diary: Day 7 – Yes, But…

As regular readers know, this blog has a positive attitude, and is always on the look out for good news, but this doesn’t mean that I will ever look the other way when there is bad news, or try to ignore uncomfortable truths rather than face them. That would mean being in denial, a self-destructive state that is also dangerous for those around the person or group who are in denial. Only facing the past and dealing with the present make the future better, and they can be painful processes. When you do that it can sometimes feel like you’ve slammed into a brick wall, and that’s how I’ve been feeling lately.

Life is not always a rose garden or a sunny vineyard and for me there’s no alternative to acknowledging this and acting accordingly. As Angelo Gaja of Barbaresco, Piemont – Italy’s most famous winegrower – once said to me, “unfortunately every side of a hill doesn’t face south.” And of course, if you own the whole hill there’s no point in pretending that the north side gets enough sun to grow wine on. Therefore I must ask for your patience for a few days until I’ve make it over my personal hill from the north side to the south side. When the light of inspiration has gone on again you will hear from me at length and in detail. Many thanks!

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