WEINHIER Update 6 “technical difficulties”

"technical difficulties" in the WEINHIER workshop yesterday evening

You may not believe it, and after the last 48 hours I hardly believe it either, but WEINHIER is finally online, though in a different form from that with which Brendan Howell and I intended. Did you ever feel like a figure in a Quentin Tarantino film ? Well, then you know exactly how I felt on Monday. Yesterday evening on WEINHIER we made a joke of our situation with the above photo and the caption “technical problems”. That was true, but “climbing the North Face of the Eiger with one hand tied behind your back,” would have been a more accurate description of how it felt. One side-effect of this was that I ended up thinking a lot harder about the terrible Mosel Bridge situation. My comment about this on www.weinhier.de under the title “Darth Mosel” is not political in the sense of party politics (I never belonged to a political party anywhere). Rather, for me the issue at stake here is whether the best and most famous vineyards of Germany are more important than the prestige projects of self-important politicians and the wishes of  concrete salesmen, or if we allow the cultural capital of Germany to be sacrificed to egotistical political “Führer” and short-term commercial gain for big companies. This is, of course, an important question for every country where good wine is produced. Vineyards are the basis for everything to do with wine, even for internet wine communities. That is why I had to write “Darth Mosel” and ignite  the Deathstar.

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