My Wine Telegram 113

Just a few quick lines before I leave for the final shooting of the TV series WEINWUNDER DEUTSCHLAND, or Wine Wonder Germany +++Thank God I feel somewhat better today, because health-wise the last two weeks were really hard +++ By the time I return to Berlin in 10 days time we will have shot in the Mosel, Saar, Rheinhessen, W├╝rttemberg and in Munich (Schumanns Bar, the Blaue Donau restaurant and in tram number 27) and I will surely be completely finished again +++ I had no choice but to cancel my planned trip to Chile in late October/early November because my exhaustion and the diverse health problems this has caused became too aggrivated +++ That’s very frustrating, but has the positive side-effect that I will write more material for this website +++ For the next telegram I promise photos which show what our shooting was really like +++ Now I must run and try to leave my Klaus Kinski side at home as I go

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