Wine of the Month May 2011

We will all pay for our Sinß (unless someone else picks up the tab)

2009 Rivaner trocken

Weingut Sinß


So in the launch month of WEINHIER, my wine of the month is a humble MüllerThurgau (the old name for Rivaner)?! Have I completely lost my mind? Am I overworked or am I worrying that the new project will bankrupt me? The answer to all these questions is a decisive „no“ just as my answer to this wine is an emphatic „yes“. Why ? For the simple reason that in spite of the rainy late summer weather which was fatal for many German wines made from early-ripening grapes like Müller-Thurgau, this wine hits the target bang in the middle. All kinds of white fruit aromas, a touch of elderflower, some citrus and great freshness without any sharpness make this wine perfect for white asparagus or a salad this evening. Nahe Jungwinzer Johannes Sinß has made some other 2010s which will give us plenty to talk about over the coming months and years, but this wine is all about pleasure now. What are arguments are there against that ?

PS the last letter of the estate’s name and winemaker’s name is a sharp S, and is pronounced like the double is in Miss.

Weingut Sinß

Hauptstraße 18

55452 Windesheim / Nahe

Tel.: 06707 / 2 53



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