WEINHIER Update 4 – Greetings from San Francisco

Delerious New York (photograph courtesy of Stephen Taylor)

Greetings fellow citizens of Planet Wine from mind-expanding San Francisco. Of course, the picture is of the Center of the Universe┬á otherwise known as NYC, where I was last week and will shortly return for the first Long Night of German Wine New York beginning 11pm Thursday, 12th May at Restaurant Hearth, 403 East 12th Street (at First Avenue) in Manhattan. Without the commitment of Roy Metzdorf of Restaurant Weinstein in Berlin (see www.weinstein.eu) and Paul Grieco of Hearth to German Riesling and to Wein hilft (see www.weinhilft.de) this unique extraveganza would be impossible, and I send my thanks to you both in advance. To reserve a place send a mail to swinter@restauranthearth.com and be sure to turn up on time, because at the latest by midnight we will be packed out. I know that sounds pretty crazy considering that WEINHIER is just about to go online (6pm Central European Time on Tuesday, 17th May), but all I hear from business partner Brendan Howell and the team back in Germany is extremely encouraging. I really think that I would be more in the way than an assistance if I was there now. Don’t forget, everything on www.weinhier.de will be bilingual, i.e. in English and German. Maybe I’ll see you at the Long Night or bump into you on the street here in San Francisco or NYC ? If not join me online on the 17th !

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