Wine of the Month June 2011

The next Fritz Haag ? Matthias Meierer, vintage 1982

2010 Kestener Riesling trocken

Weingut Klaus Meierer


Sometimes I get a lot of flack for insisting its possible to find wines for under 5 Euros a bottle which taste really good. Here is further proof that this idea isn’t ridiculous. I recently got to know Jungwinzer Matthias Meierer at a meeting of the dynamic „Moseljunger“ group of young Mosel winegrowers. His 2010 is a prototypic sleek, racy Riesling (with just 11.5% alcohol), a cuvée of wines from six different vineyards around the village of Kesten. The aromas of apple, white peach and vanilla leap out of the glass at you. After tasting it I wasn’t surprised to discover that he works for three days a week at the world-famous Weingut Fritz Haag in nearby Brauneberg, for there’s a clear stylistic similarity between his wines and those of Fritz Haag. It isn’t a case of imitation, rather of amazing value for money. I don’t think you’ll find a better dry Riesling in this price category anywhere in Germany’s 13 winegrowing regions. If you do though, make sure to let me know ! Exchanging this kind of hot tips is one of the things WEINHIER will be all about. Please be patient with us during the next few weeks as we work on overcoming the technical difficulties to get this new internet community fully operational.

Weingut Klaus Meierer

Am Herrenberg 15

54518 Kesten

Tel.: 06535 / 70 12



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