Wine of the Month April 2011

2009 Riesling trocken

Weingut Deutzerhof


Of course, regardless of whether they’re claiming that it’s the vintage from hell or yet another miracle German vintage the entire wine scene here is currently obsessed with the 2010 vintage, because a lot of wines from which have just been released with many more to follow during the coming weeks. No doubt some of you are wondering what’s got into my damned head that at exactly this crucial moment I’m recommending a 2009 dry Riesling of the regular quality level, a so-called „Gutsriesling“. What makes this look even more crazy is that it comes from a grower in the Ahr Valley, just south of Bonn on the Rhine, where over 60% of the vineyards are planted with Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). Wolfgang Hehle is famous for his Pinots, not his Rieslings. But just wait until you taste this stuff ! It is a wonderfully racy Riesling, still very fresh with lots of youthful fruit aromas (mostly lemon and white peach) and it has great balance. For 8 Euros direct from the producer that makes it a real bargain. Either you insist on drinking those 2010s many of which strike me as very good (but still too rawly youthful for my palate) or you pounce on this miniature masterpiece. Beware: stocks of this won’t last much longer !

Weingut Deutzerhof

Deutzerwiese 2

53508 Mayschoss / Ahr

Tel.: 02643 / 72 64



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