New York Wine Diary: Day 21 – Time to Launch My Boats!

Often people ask me what the subject of my blog really is, and quite often they ask me if my latest blog posting isn’t off-subject. I feel that I owe all of you questioners an answer, and it’s really simple.

For me wine is a beverage in the glass, but it is never just that, because every wine comes from somewhere and doesn’t smell and taste the way it does by accident, rather there is a complex network of factors, intentions and relationships which lead to that wine being as it is. There’s therefore a story behind every wine, and those stories all fascinate me, regardless of the wine’s place of origin, the grape variety/varieties from which it is made, the greater or lesser price it commands and the esteem it is held in. (FYI some material about Two Buck Chuck is on it’s way!) These stories, no less than the wines they are connected to, are a continuous source of inspiration to me. And that inspiration is like the spark in a spark plug in an internal combustion chamber, it ignites my imagination.

My imagination, just like yours, is inaccessible to everyone else. It’s visions and vibrations must be given a concrete form in order to become accessible to others. That’s what all my writing, including these blog postings, is. I take the materials I have gathered during my re-search for truth, and with them I build boats (that I hope are sturdy enough for a long voyage), then I launch them onto the high seas of the Big Wide World. Last year, 2015, that worked better than it has for a very long time (scroll down for more about that), but this only makes me want to build more and better boats, then launch them onto those same choppy and rough waves. Although building them frequently requires me to face painful truths they are all bear a cargo of hope, and journey forth to overcome fear and the negativity it breeds. Please join me on that voyage!

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